quiteasily is for

  • removing addiction from the Earth quickly and easily
  • using virality for creating conversations
  • directing people into spreading the message locally.

Most methods leave people feeling like they're 'addicts' on the fringes of society, overlooking that some things are just inherently addictive. We're starting with pornography because it has the greatest social impact.

Our campaigns take a two pronged approach; firstly, with conversations showing the hidden harms these create, and secondly, showing that it's easy and enjoyable to quit. Please enjoy!

Willpower is anything involving counting, blocking, rewarding, dieting or punishing yourself. This only increases the fear that you're being deprived of something you enjoy, and that life won't be the same without it.

Please enjoy!

Getting involved

If you're interested in making a difference, prepare to create change locally.

You can help out in many ways, depending on your time commitment.

For instance, you can

  • Repost memes we've created
  • Create your own content using #quiteasily
  • Start putting up posters in your local community
  • Connect quiteasily to people who need to see it
  • Create change locally.

We've got guides and resources to help :)


Nobody likes email, so let's try minimising the time we spend on it.

Please make sure you

  1. Summarise your email in the subject.
  2. Write concisely. For example:

to: quiteasily

subject: [role] with [past] experience would like to help out with [task or idea] for [time] a week

Hey! easypeasy really changed my life and I'd love to help out. I'm a [role] with a background in [the past] and think that I can help out doing [task or idea that might help.]

I'm available to help between [time] on [days], and can meet any time that suits you, and have gotten started doing [task].

Wishing you well,


For pretty much everything, please email

hello[at][domain name].org

... but if you've got an opportunity you feel needs priority attention, like being a celebrity, government department, or anything else huge -- please email

youdontunderstand[at][domain name].org

We'll try answering all emails as fast as we can, so we ask you please respect these sorting systems. We're only human!


For media inquiries, please contact

media+quiteasily@[peaceful foundation domain name]


quiteasily is an organisation under the peaceful foundation for encouraging and bringing together people to overcome addiction and live fulfilling lives. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and reliable information on addiction recovery, support individuals and their loved ones throughout the journey, and foster a supportive community where everyone feels understood and empowered.